During the duration of the second semester I primarily followed my aim to invest more time and research in individual projects. Investing and reactivating my personal passion for fieldwork and anthropological methods as a base for artistic expression. My research for example included topics like the dutch flower history, telecommunication infrastructure in comparison to the route of migratory birds, the highway as a non-place, interactive toys as a tool of capitalism. As well as working more in depth on moving image projects.

My main focus this semester was the execution and preparation of shooting a short movie 'behind waves', which was an ongoing process for over 1,5 years. In close collaboration with the director Valentin Stejksal and the Cinematographer Samir Ljuma regarding the character development, visual style, story line/dramaturgy and production design. Throughout the following months a crew of austrian, german, macedonian and greek Filmmakers was gathered. We shot the movie in the last two weeks of April on the West Coast of the Pepelopnes in Greece. Personally I embodied the position of the creative and dramaturgical assistant being close to the director keeping an eye on the storyline and the overall atmosphere in mind, proposing solutions to archive our collective goals.

In the line of moving images, on a trip to North Macedonia in February I started together with Samir Ljuma researching the main Square of Tetovo with the focus on the decity and impact of Toy Cars. Investigating the aspects of the motorized Promenade and the influences and value of cars in one of Europe's most polluted cities.

These projects taught me a lot in regards to storytelling, creating a narrative and setting an atmosphere. I am looking forward to continuing to use these skills in my personal practice in the coming year.

Within the frame of the school I enjoyed this semester's ability to move, in the sense of more long term works, diversity of feedback voices, self chosen collaborations and the formation of an communicative and expressive student body.

Especially the collaborative projects with Ji Young Yim ( let’s get dressed for the online exhibition) and Frans van Hoek (application for ‘poldra’ public sculpture project portugal) showed me that the school provides a platform to explore collaborative practices. These first collaborative projects are motivating me to continue this dialogue and expand this further to make it more part of my practice, also for the coming year I would love to do more collaborations with students from different departments.

In regards of my own practice (list with sparks and conclusions is following) the works got more consistent, the thought journey less displayed, a lot of translation from reality into fiction back to reality and how does it now after the translation communicate, the play with connotation and decontextualization of objects, the love to material aesthetic, incorporating conversation and verbal exchange as part of my practice, the process as a dialog between two artists within a collaboration, more wood and metal work.

Looking forward to further and being enthusiastic about continuing these strings in my personal narrative and having time and space to incorporate the mentioned experiences and skills into the dynamic of creating.