for the people I love the clouds are bigger

Sending care packages is a common practice to cheer somebody up. They are selected and packed in reference to previous communication in order to show support through objects representing compassion.

Using the existing postal infrastructure, shipping artificial sun in the form of the supplement vitamin D by mail from one place to another, provides the base of the project and becomes a performance in itself. Sending solar love in processed certified form. Sending the last memory under the sun to dilute with water. Creating a bodily fiction of connectivity, love, imagination and care.

The packages contain single pills and tablets of D-vitamin and will be sent from The Hague, Netherlands via post nl. From their appearance, the envelopes and boxes differ from each other in size and material within the allowance of the limited selection of commonly used commercial packaging. The process starts out with three packages, following up with two to three packages a week. The performance materializes as a systematically growing pile of small boxes and envelopes, placed next to the entrance door of the gallery. In time, the pile of unopened packages becomes a topography of anticipation and need.

2021, a proposal of a perfomance

Exhibited in group show 'solar fiction' 9.4-25.4, Galleria Aarni, Heliskini

paper, ink; 21x232 cm