brief distant description:

The movie discusses the theme of dysfunctional communication. Two friends are meeting up after a long time without seeing each other. Their aim is to reflect collectively on the past in the presence of the other one. Instead of following this idea to come to answers they fall into habits and behaviors patterns of their shared past. Performing and embodying a former self to archive the reconstruction of their connection.

punctual impressions:

Calls and imagination:
The first year lived on the basis of constant communication, shaping, forming and developing the characters. Imagining their life, their routine, their habits to get comfortable with them. Letting them speak and communicate through their actions. Late night calls discussing the potential

Creation of images and growth of crew:
In March we had a capsule working for two weeks on translating the script into images, a process of translating the imagination led by the written word and blank space filled with action into frames. A journey of reenactment, standing in, testing, trying the images out on location. Meanwhile the crew grow into a productive accumulation of creative minds all specialized in their field. The patina got added to the imaginary images.

Composing and capturing the images:
It is silent in the remonte area of west Greece, we settle in villages, passing over fields to our location. A Beach with a river delta, people from the village tell us about the micro climate. progressively the crew arrives. The set is getting ready, the actors chain smoke while rehearsing, an insane amount of toast is getting consumed. Hands on the Toast, eyes on the Monitor. It is windy. Silently observing the moment when the written word and the imagined frame is getting a moment of observation and into a file. Next take. Adjusting the light, reconfiguring the background, guiding the stray dogs outside of the frame. Three minutes of silence. The fiction is three minutes of reality.

excerpts of visual research for moodboard/storyboard for short fiction movie

folder, plastic foile, paper, ink